Pedestrian Direction - Turn Right 400mm Cone Mounted Sign



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Product Code: TW32CW042R
TCD Code: TU32 MOTSAM: TW-32 TCD Rule: W5-7.11
The 400mm TW-32 Pedestrian Detour Cone Mounted Sign is used to guide pedestrians to and through a temporary route during works or some other temporary activity. It is highly compact and designed to fit over any 900mm PVC Cone. The web strap on the reverse is made from a flexible and hard-wearing material which allows it to be run over numerous times without the strap breaking.

Please Note: Under CoPTTM this sign is not compliant. The sign needs to be specified / shown on your approved TMP plan as an Engineering Exception Decision (EED). The approved CoPTTM version is the TW-32 Two Line Supplementary

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